Axial Networks has been assisting Business and Government for more than a decade to:
  • FOCUS on WHAT they do
  • UNDERSTAND where their Organisation is HEADED
  • DEFINE their desired OUTCOMES
  • ADVISE on appropriate TECHNOLOGY to assist in achieving their desired outcomes.
  • Firstly, we BOTH must UNDERSTAND what direction your organisation is headed. In broad terms - this process involves defining WHAT your organisation is ABOUT, WHERE is at NOW, WHERE is it headed and HOW is it going to get there.
  • Secondly, we need to DEFINE the BUSINESS OUTCOMES your STRATEGY must deliver.
    We must confirm the PATH your organisation is taking is in ALIGNMENT with any proposed Strategy to be deployed. An ill-conceived Technical Solution can easily drag an Organisation OFF TRACK
  • Thirdly, we ASSIST by SUGGESTING appropriate Technical Solutions that ALIGN with the DIRECTION and OUTCOMES defined. All solutions must include a method for Monitoring and Measuring against pre-defined Targets.

It is ALL about how your business needs to grow

It is NOT about Servers and Routers - they are Solutions to needs

However, if you are still curious at to Our Skills
Below is "SOME" of the TECHNOLOGIES we have used to provide SOLUTIONS for our clients NEEDS:

  • Aligning Technology with Organisational Goals and Direction
  • Systems Design and Deployment
  • Procedures Documentation and Templating
  • Hosting or Local Storage
  • Security of Information
  • Remote Access & Remote Control
  • Branch Connection - VPN links
  • Terminal Servers, Application Publishing and Virtualisation
  • Hybrid Systems and their Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Data Recovery
  • VOIP and Managed IP Telephony
  • Customer Marketing and Lead Tracking Solutions
  • Automated Email Solutions and Email Responders
  • Web Site design and how they vary
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging, etc 
  • Will Social Media fit you
  • Supporting it ALL
  • Putting it ALL together