We FOCUS firstly on the business OUTCOMES you are attempting to achieve.

ONLY once these are defined we seek to match those needs against the huge range of solutions available in the technical space.

Our Role is to guide you through the plethora of technical solutions available and match the best fit to your desired business outcomes, requirements and budget - taking consideration of your existing systems and methods.

This approach is at odds with those so often supplied by pure technical companies where they are focused on selling their product or technology.


So often we find customers asking for a specific technology (for example an Exchange Server - when what they really wish to achieve is a sales tracking and automation system).


The FOCUS we have developed comes from MANY years of winning tenders and projects only to find that there are other pieces of the puzzle missing. So often the solution we actually deploy had extra components enabled that would not have been possible if we had deployed those defined in our initial brief without significant extra cost, time and resources. In some cases the solution looks nothing like the initial request.

This focus is critical today as technology is playing such an important component in the viability and competitiveness of companies competing in a global market with social media and online transactions continually changing the dynamic of business.

business coaching

Thinking of getting a Coach to get you motivated?

That's great,


Do they have extensive business and systems skills to assist you in managing the results their motivational processes will produce?

From our own first hand experience we have found it critical that you have solid solutions in place to support that "new-found" PASSION, ENERGY and FOCUS.

Turbo Charging your business is great but can the steering handle the acceleration - if not - it could end up a crumpled mess at the first corner you come to.

For example a highly successful email campaign could crash your web server - or make it horribly slow - or send you a horrific data traffic bill because the plan was wrong.  Just a snippet of things to consider.